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Java News Roundup: Payara Platform, Liberica JDK Updates, JobRunr 6.0 Milestones

January 23, 2023

Via: InfoQ

This week’s Java roundup for January 16th, 2023, features news from JDK 20, JDK 21, Spring Cloud Gateway 4.0, Spring Boot 3.0.2 and 2.7.8, Spring Modulith 0.3, Liberica JDK versions 19.0.2, 17.0.6, 11.0.18 and 8u362, Payara Platform, Micronaut 3.8.2, WildFly 26.1.3, TomEE 8.0.14, first three milestone releases of Job Runr 6.0 and Gradle 8.0-RC2.

JDK 20

Build 32 of the JDK 20 early-access builds was made available this past week, featuring updates from Build 31 that include fixes to various issues. More details on this build may be found in the release notes.

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