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Discord uses App Store loophole to roll back iOS ‘NSFW’ server ban

April 19, 2021

Via: TechSpot

Last week, Discord made some changes to its “not-safe-for-work” (NSFW) policies. As part of the guideline overhaul, its iOS app began blocking access to all NSFW communities and servers. Many users and moderators were not pleased with finding themselves locked […]

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Windows 10: Microsoft restricts uploads to Timeline in latest preview

April 15, 2021

Via: ZDnet

Microsoft has made a notable change to its Timeline activity history feature in the latest preview of Windows 10. Timeline, which Microsoft introduced with the Fall Creators Update in 2018, shows users what they’ve been up to on their local […]

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Google is testing a new feature on Chrome that we desperately need

April 14, 2021

Via: BGR

There are many reasons that Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world, but one of the reasons is that it simplifies the browsing experience in ways that many of its competitors don’t. The latest example of this […]

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Why 16 is the new 8 for Windows 10

April 12, 2021

Via: Computerworld

The other day, the topic of RAM — and what’s the minimum amount needed now for a Windows 10 computer — came up in a Facebook IT consultant-based group I’m part of. Not long ago, for a nicely functioning Windows […]

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Eclipse hosts Visual Studio Code extensions marketplace

April 2, 2021

Via: InfoWorld

Open VSX Registry, a repository of extensions for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code and other developer tools, is now under the jurisdiction of the Eclipse Foundation. Bult on the Eclipse Open VSX project, the public repository has been transferred from development […]

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A Chrome OS bug might reveal user location history

April 1, 2021

Via: Tech Xplore

The Committee on Liberatory Information Technology has announced a long-standing Chromebook bug that could reveal user location history. Evidently already on the radar of Google, the platform has a feature allowing anyone with physical access to your device to connect […]

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Microsoft hands IT admins beefed-up Windows release health hub

March 31, 2021

Via: Computerworld

Microsoft has begun rolling out its Windows release health dashboard to the Microsoft 365 admin portal, a move the company previewed earlier this month at its all-virtual Ignite conference. “This will be a phased rollout and we expect this information […]

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Cloudflare’s New API Abuse Detection Services Validate Usage Via Intent

March 29, 2021

Via: ProgrammableWeb

Cloudflare has announced a set of new services that are intended to bolster application security by limiting API abuse. The new API Discovery and API Abuse Detection tools are designed to provide critical context for application security issues that are […]

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Sidekick Browser wants to be a productivity-honed ‘work OS’ on Chromium

March 19, 2021

Via: Tech Crunch

The paradox of connected computing is how much information is made available to us in just a few clicks or taps — but also how this ocean of available data can overwhelm and lap over a particular bit of intel […]

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PeachPie PHP to .NET project reaches 1.0 milestone

March 17, 2021

Via: InfoWorld

PeachPie, a project to support the PHP language natively on the .NET runtime, is now available in a 1.0.0 release, with a slew of features—including IDE support—aimed at getting developers on board. Originally announced in 2016, PeachPie is intended to […]