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Microsoft’s destructive streak continues as it pulls Office patches too

November 21, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

IF WE WERE SO INCLINED, we could go back over the last few weeks and on the vast majority of days we’ve had to bring you news of the latest borkage to Microsoft software. Up to now, it’s been that […]

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Skype is introducing seamless sharing of OneDrive files

November 20, 2018

Via: TechRadar

Skype has introduced the ability for users to share OneDrive files seamlessly in a chat, and while the feature is only live for testers right now, hopefully, it will roll out to the general computing population soon enough. The latest […]

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Users warned of Microsoft data harvesting

November 16, 2018

Via: TechRadar

Microsoft could soon face sanctions over its data collection methods after Dutch investigators discovered that the way the software giant collects data poses a risk to user privacy. According to a report commissioned by the Dutch government, both Microsoft Office […]

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Google Maps wants to help you avoid traffic and crowds over Thanksgiving

November 15, 2018

Via: BGR

Other than overeating and argument at the dinner table, the most frustrating part of Thanksgiving is the travel. You can’t go anywhere without being swarmed by traffic, whether you’re on foot, on the road, or in the airport. But Google […]

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Safari follows Chrome’s lead and begins warning users about unsecure sites

November 14, 2018

Via: TechRadar

Google has been trying to make the internet more secure for quite some time now. In July this year, the search giant began adding a warning on Chrome for users who land on sites that aren’t using the HTTPS protocol. […]

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DeepMind hands off role as health app provider to parent Google

November 13, 2018

Via: Tech Crunch

DeepMind’s recent foray into providing software as a service to U.K. hospitals has reached the end of its run. The Google -owned AI division has just announced it will be stepping back from providing a clinical alerts and task management […]

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Best Free Photo Management Tools

November 12, 2018

Via: Tom's Guide

With smartphone cameras becoming more powerful than ever, there’s been a massive increase in the amount of pictures we have to manage. It’s not unusual to have hundreds or even thousands of photos scattered across poorly labeled folders and a […]

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Alexa has a new holiday home in your Windows 10 PC

November 9, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

THOSE FEARFUL OF a gradual AI takeover should be wary with the pace at which Amazon’s Alexa has gone from living solely in Echo devices to calling anything with circuits home. Its latest holiday home is Windows 10, and it […]

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Chrome 71 will display a warning message to users if a site uses shady billing tactics

November 8, 2018

Via: TechSpot

Chrome’s upcoming December update is looking better and better. After its launch, the browser will warn users if they visit a website that is known to use shady or misleading billing practices. Specifically, Google is taking aim at sites that […]

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Researchers rank cryptocurrency exchanges by how secure they are

November 6, 2018

Via: The Next Web

Prominent cyber-security firm Group-IB has graded the security of online cryptocurrency exchanges, as a means of assessing insurance risk. It found long-standing platform Kraken to be the most secure, with OKEx, Huobi Pro, and CoinCheck among the riskiest. Alongside IT […]