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Android Q developer beta is available for all Google Pixel phones

March 13, 2019

Via: TechRadar

After some early peeks at features from leaks, Google has released its Android Q developer beta, which you can use if you own any Pixel phone, from the latest Google Pixel 3 all the way back to the first Pixel […]

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Android Q developer beta might launch today

March 11, 2019

Via: TechRadar

Android Q, the next version of the mobile operating system, could be launching its developer preview later today, thanks to speculation over a date filter in Google’s bug tracker. A template explaining how to file bug reports for Android Q […]

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Android leads the way in business but security concerns remain

February 22, 2019

Via: TechRadar

New research from Panasonic Business has shed light on the fact that the use of Android tablets and handhelds are on the rise in business but security still remains a big concern for many organizations. On average, 72 percent of […]

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Windows 10 will soon allow direct access to Linux files

February 18, 2019

Via: The Inquirer

MICROSOFT’S Linux love-in continues with the announcement that, soon, you’ll be able to access your Linux files directly from Windows. The company has confirmed that the next edition of Windows 10, due in April, will allow you to access your […]

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Google Patches Critical .PNG Image Bug

February 5, 2019

Via: Threat Post

Google has patched a critical vulnerability in its current and legacy versions of its Android operating system, which allow an attacker to send a specially crafted Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) image file to a targeted device and execute arbitrary code. […]

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Samsung takes six months to update to Android 9 Pie

February 1, 2019

Via: ArsTechnica

This week, Samsung is finally updating its flagship devices to the latest version of Android, Android 9 Pie. The US versions of the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 have both been getting Android 9 Pie updates across the various […]

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Ubuntu 18.04 needs patching

January 30, 2019

Via: ZDnet

Ubuntu is a very popular Linux distribution for servers, clouds, and the desktop. So, when parent company Canonical announces it is moving Ubuntu 18.04, the latest long term support (LTS) edition, to a new Linux kernel, it’s time to pay […]

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Google Updates: Security in motion, Linux in launcher and Ethereum in the sin bin

January 18, 2019

Via: The Inquirer

WELCOME TO Google Updates! For new readers, this is our weekly round-up of the ‘rest’ of the news from Google, Android and the wider Alphabet group that doesn’t get a chance to shine in longer articles during the week – […]

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Chromebook storage could soon be opened up like a PC

January 14, 2019

Via: TechRadar

Chromebooks have long had local storage in the form of the Downloads folder of Chrome OS, but very little could be done with this pocket of space on the hard drive. Now, MSPowerUser has discovered that the latest version of […]

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Google Fuchsia release date, news and rumors

January 11, 2019

Via: TechRadar

We were expecting to see Google announce Google Fuchsia, or Google Andromeda – a fusion of its Chrome and Android operating systems (OS) – back in October 2017. That announcement never happened. What will Google Fuchsia look like, though? Well, […]