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Forget macOS — it’s Chrome OS vs. Windows for desktop domination

February 26, 2021

Via: Computerworld

I’ve been saying for ages now that Google’s Chrome OS would become Microsoft’s Windows top competitor. I had the timing wrong, but my prediction that “most of us will be moving to cloud-oriented operating systems” is finally coming true. According […]

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Hands-on with KaOS Linux – An Independent KDE Plasma Desktop Distribution

February 24, 2021

Via: ZDnet

I have spent some time looking at independent Linux distributions – that means those that are built from scratch and not derived from one of the larger, generally better-known distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, etc.), such as Solus, which I wrote […]

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Google Play bans video app for standard “.ass” subtitle support

January 26, 2021

Via: ArsTechnica

Google Play’s crazy automated app review process strikes again. This time, the puritan robot overlords that run the Play Store briefly decided that listing support for common subtitle files is enough to get your app banned. The developer for Just […]

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CloudLinux readies CentOS Linux replacement: AlmaLinux

January 13, 2021

Via: ZDnet

When Red Hat, CentOS’s Linux parent company, announced it was “shifting focus from CentOS Linux, the rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), to CentOS Stream, which tracks just ahead of a current RHEL release,” the move ticked off many […]

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5 new Chrome OS features you should find right now

January 12, 2021

Via: Computerworld

Android may be Google’s highest profile platform, but Chrome OS is arguably the place where the fastest and most exciting progress tends to go down these days. Every year as of late, we see leaps and bounds being made in […]

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LG’s 2021 TVs include a ‘Game Optimizer’ and native Google Stadia and GeForce Now apps

January 11, 2021

Via: TechSpot

The 2020 gaming boom has clearly had an impact on television manufacturers. LG unveiled its 2021 lineup of smart TVs with gamer-centric features, including settings, and native game streaming. At CES 2021, LG unveiled its newest TVs featuring the latest […]

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Android Auto 6.0 is coming — here’s what to expect

January 7, 2021

Via: The Next Web

As more car manufacturers add support for Android Auto, scores of people are starting to use it in place of their car’s default infotainment system. Android Auto 6.0 is expected to drop soon and some say it’s the biggest ever. […]

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2020’s most important Chrome OS advice and analysis

December 29, 2020

Via: Computerworld

More than any other platform, Chrome OS is in a constant state of evolution — and if you blink for a minute, you’re bound to miss some significant new improvement or addition. I mean, heck, this past year alone, Chrome […]

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20 Android tips you shouldn’t miss from 2020

December 22, 2020

Via: Computerworld

Ah, the holidays. No matter what style of winter celebration you prefer (I’m a Festivus man myself), late December is a fine time for kicking back and regrouping for the coming year. That means it’s also a fine time for […]

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Google just quietly set the stage for a Chrome OS explosion

December 16, 2020

Via: Computerworld

Well, shucks. Just as I was about to put my brain on auto-pilot for the remainder of the year, Google went and made a major purchase — one that may seem ho-hum on the surface but that could end up […]