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New Google V8 API bridges WebAssembly and asynchronous web

January 23, 2023

Via: InfoWorld

The developers of Google’s V8 JavaScript/WebAssembly engine have introduced the JavaScript Promise Integration (JSPI) API, allowing WebAssembly applications that assume access to external functionality is synchronous to smoothly function in asynchronous environments.

Currently in an experimental stage, JSPI should not be used in production applications yet, the developers said. Eventually, it will become a standard, for implementation across major browsers, they said.

Introduced in a V8 blog post on January 19, JSPI bridges synchronous WebAssembly applications and asynchronous web APIs. This is done by suspending the application when it issues a synchronous API call and resuming when the asynchronous I/O operation is concluded. And JSPI does this with very few changes to the application itself.

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