Hey, Windows 7 and XP Users — You Need to Patch Now

May 14, 2019

Windows 7 and its server-based siblings naturally get patches for this, since those operating systems are officially supported until January 2020. But this flaw is so serious that Microsoft has also issued a patch for Windows XP and its server […]

Google I/O: 14 Android OS modules to get over-the-air security updates in real-time

May 7, 2019

Via: ZDnet

At the Google I/O 2019 developer conference held today in Mountain View, California, Google announced a major change to the way the upcoming Android Q mobile operating system will receive security updates. “Your regular device gets regular security updates already […]

Developers can now verify mobile app users over WhatsApp instead of SMS

April 30, 2019

Category: Mobile Apps

Facebook today released a new SDK that allows mobile app developers to integrate WhatsApp verification into Account Kit for iOS and Android. This will allow developers to build apps where users can opt to receive their verification codes through the […]

Mobile Apps

Apple & Google celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day with featured apps, new shortcuts

May 16, 2019

Via: Tech Crunch

With last fall’s release of iOS 12, Apple introduced Siri Shortcuts — a new app that allows iPhone users to create their own voice commands to take actions on their phone and in apps. Today, Apple is celebrating Global Accessibility […]

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7 paid iPhone apps on sale for free on May 15th

May 15, 2019

Via: BGR

Yesterday’s roundup of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free was a good one, and you’ll still find a few freebies in there if you go back and check it out. We’ve also got seven fresh […]

Operating systems, Software Security, Windows

The Windows 10 security guide: How to safeguard your business

May 15, 2019

Via: ZDnet

It is tempting to think that the process of securing a Windows 10 device can be reduced to a simple checklist. Install some security software, adjust a few settings, hold a training session or two, and you can move on […]

Operating systems, Windows

Microsoft urges Windows customers to patch wormable RDP flaw

May 15, 2019

Via: CSO Online

Microsoft has fixed a critical vulnerability in some versions of Windows that can be exploited to create a powerful worm. The company even took the unusual step of releasing patches for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, which haven’t been […]