Microsoft spits out patches and plans to gobble up 7GB of storage for future Windows 10 updates

January 9, 2019

IT’S MICROSOFT’S MONTHLY PATCHING TIME, with Redmond pasting over some 51 security holes across Windows 10, 7, and 8.1, along with other nasties in its suite of software. One major security bork in the Windows Jet Database Engine, which can […]

New ReiKey app can detect macOS keyloggers

January 3, 2019

Via: ZDnet

Patrick Wardle, a former NSA hacker who in recent years has become the de-facto expert on everything Mac malware, has created and released a Mac app that can detect certain types of macOS keyloggers. Named ReiKey , Wardle created and […]

Google won’t let Chrome users roll back to the old UI, and now they’re furious

December 27, 2018

Via: BGR

Back in September, Google began rolling out one of the most substantial Chrome redesigns to date, with a brand new design and dozens of new features. Unsurprisingly, not everyone was on board with Chrome’s new look, which is why our […]

Operating systems, Windows

Windows 7 enters its final year of free support

January 14, 2019

Via: ArsTechnica

Windows 7’s five years of extended support will expire on January 14, 2020—exactly one year from today. After this date, security fixes will no longer be freely available for the operating system that’s still widely used. As always, the end […]

Operating systems, Others

Chromebook storage could soon be opened up like a PC

January 14, 2019

Via: TechRadar

Chromebooks have long had local storage in the form of the Downloads folder of Chrome OS, but very little could be done with this pocket of space on the hard drive. Now, MSPowerUser has discovered that the latest version of […]

Software Security

Vulnerabilities found in building access system used by schools, governments

January 14, 2019

Via: CSO Online

Tenable Research discovered four zero-day vulnerabilities in PremiSys access control system from IDenticard (PremiSys IDenticard). The first, a hardcoded backdoor account, “allows attackers to add new users to the badge system, modify existing users, delete users, assign permission, and pretty […]

Operating systems, Windows

Windows 10 Expert’s Guide: Everything you need to know about BitLocker

January 11, 2019

Via: ZDnet

If your PC were lost or stolen, you’d probably cringe at the cost of replacing it. But that’s nothing compared to what you’d stand to lose if someone had unfettered access to the data on that device. Even if they […]