Adobe Lightroom gets first Firefly feature — Generative Remove

May 21, 2024

Users of the photo-editing tool can now access the Generative Remove feature already available in Photoshop. Adobe is bringing Firefly features to Lightroom for the first time with the addition of Generative Remove. Adobe has been busy adding Firefly features […]

Microsoft Will Hold Executives Accountable for Cybersecurity

May 9, 2024

Microsoft will make organizational changes and hold senior leadership directly accountable for cybersecurity as part of an expanded initiative to bolster security across its products and services. Microsoft’s executive vice president of security, Charlie Bell, announced the plans in a […]

Modular software for scientific image reconstruction

May 2, 2024

Scientists use an array of imaging instruments to look inside living organisms, sometimes as they move, and to observe inert objects without altering their state. Such instruments include telescopes, microscopes, CT scanners and more. But these instruments, even when working […]

Operating systems, Windows

Windows 11 update introduces a long-awaited File Explorer feature – plus a Start menu change that may not go down so well

May 31, 2024

Via: TechRadar

Microsoft has rolled out an optional update for Windows 11, KB5037853, that will let you try an array of new features which includes support for drag-and-drop functionality in File Explorer’s address bar. The arrival of the latter ability has been […]

Application Software, Software Category

OpenSilver 2.2 Migrates LightSwitch Applications

May 30, 2024

Via: InfoQ

The latest version of OpenSilver 2.2, a remake of Microsoft’s retired Silverlight web application framework, includes support for migrating applications created with Visual Studio LightSwitch that targeted Silverlight. OpenSilver was launched in October 2021 by a French company, Userware. It […]