How to find your most-used apps on your iPhone

February 20, 2020

Category: Mobile Apps

We all spend a large amount of time on our phones, and it’d probably shock at least a few of you to exactly how many hours of your lives you put into each app every day or week. Well, it’s […]

Top 13 enterprise architecture tools for 2020

February 14, 2020

Via: CIO

Enterprise architecture (EA) tools help organizations align business objectives with IT goals and infrastructure. These tools help manage information related to EA while helping companies plan roadmaps for digital transformation. They offer collaboration, reports, testing, simulations and more to help […]

Google fixes no-user-interaction bug in Android’s Bluetooth component

February 6, 2020

Via: ZDnet

Google has patched this week a critical security flaw in Android’s Bluetooth component. If left unpatched, the vulnerability can be exploited without any user interaction and can even be used to create self-spreading Bluetooth worms, experts said. Fixes for the […]

Software Category, System Software

Only AI can save us from a world of fakes (a world AI is also creating)

February 24, 2020

Via: CIO

The truth is out there. When I was a kid, my brother and I made a UFO out of paper plates, tin foil and marbles. Then we got on the roof with our spaceship dangling from a fishing line and, […]

Software Category, System Software

Microsoft Adds Virtual Network Support for Azure Firewall Manager, Enables Centralized Management

February 24, 2020

Via: InfoQ

In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced Azure Firewall Manager now supports virtual networks. This new capability allows organizations to centrally manage security policies and route management for cloud-based security perimeters based on two network architectures, including Secured virtual hub […]

Operating systems, Windows

Microsoft begins rolling out revamped app icons to Windows Insiders

February 21, 2020

Via: TechSpot

We learned about Microsoft’s plan to redesign 100+ Windows app icons in December last year, with a few of them appearing in Windows 10X preview screens. The company’s Office apps made their Fluent Design transition even before that, and now […]

Mobile Apps

Google cracks down on location-tracking Android apps

February 21, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

Alongside the launch of the Android 11 Developer Preview, Google announced a plan to crack down on Android apps that request the user’s location in the background. Just as we saw with Google’s pushback against apps that use the accessibility […]