Google Maps for Android adds a feature its iOS version has had for years

February 7, 2024

Via: ZDnet
Category: Mobile Apps

A feature that has been a part of Google Maps on iOS for years is finally coming to Android. If you use Google Maps for navigation, you’ll soon notice that current weather information is included. The feature isn’t on all […]

Create an exception handler in ASP.NET Core 8

February 1, 2024

Microsoft’s November release of .NET 8 brought all kinds of great new features. One of the nice improvements introduced in ASP.NET Core 8 is IExceptionHandler, an interface that makes it easier to handle exceptions gracefully in ASP.NET Core web applications. […]

MT4 vs. MT5 – Key Differences in MetaTrader Software

January 24, 2024

MetaTrader is undoubtedly one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. Its user-friendly interface and powerful tools have made it a go-to choice for traders of all levels. But if you’re new to MetaTrader, you may find yourself […]

Development Software, Software Category

Microsoft’s vision for .NET 9 development framework is all about AI and cloud

February 15, 2024

Via: TechSpot

A few months after officially launching .NET 8, Microsoft is now preparing for the next generation of its open-source development platform. .NET 9, scheduled to arrive in November 2024, will be shaped by a “vision” focused on two main development […]

Software Category

Chromium developers are working on a browser API for micropayments

February 14, 2024

Via: TechSpot

Software engineer Alexander Surkov recently proposed a new addition to the Chromium source code, the layout engine on which many modern browsers are based. The programmer aims to implement the Web Monetization specifications, providing Chrome and many other free browsers […]

MAC OS, Operating systems

macOS Sonoma 14.4 will bring new emojis and bug fixes soon – here’s how to try the public beta

February 14, 2024

Via: TechRadar

A new beta version of macOS Sonoma 14.4 has just been made available for the public, allowing Mac users to get an early look into what the new update may entail in its final form – as well as getting […]

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Java Flight Recorder eyed for improvement

February 14, 2024

Via: InfoWorld

Java’s profiling capabilities would be improved within the Java Flight Recorder (JFR), a tool for collecting diagnostic and profiling data in running Java applications, under a proposal floating in the OpenJDK community. Called Skogsluft, the project would introduce advanced profiling […]

MAC OS, Operating systems

macOS 14.4 beta 3 now available with Music, Podcasts, and Clock app changes

February 13, 2024

Via: BGR

macOS 14.4 beta 3 is now available to developers as Apple aims at a March release of this new operating system update. While macOS 14.3 was already a mild update, 14.4 doesn’t look much more than that. That said, Apple […]