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Google Open-Sources Trillion-Parameter AI Language Model Switch Transformer

February 16, 2021

Via: InfoQ

Researchers at Google Brain have open-sourced the Switch Transformer, a natural-language processing (NLP) AI model. The model scales up to 1.6T parameters and improves training time up to 7x compared to the T5 NLP model, with comparable accuracy. The team […]

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Microsoft to add ‘nation-state activity alerts’ to Defender for Office 365

February 8, 2021

Via: ZDnet

Microsoft is working on adding a new security alert to the dashboard of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (formerly Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection) that will notify companies when their employees are being targeted by nation-state threat actors. The feature […]

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Google Docs will soon show out of office information for collaborators

January 27, 2021

Via: TechRadar

With more employees working remotely over the past year, adoption and usage of online collaboration software such as Google Workspace has skyrocketed as these tools allow teams to work together no matter where in the world they are. However, work-life […]

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Education SaaS Provider Achieves Agile Cloud Migration with Fast, Flexible Fortinet Solutions in AWS

January 25, 2021

Via: CSO Online

Migrating applications from brick-and-mortar data centers to the cloud can present formidable challenges for any enterprise. But the stakes are highest for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution providers, whose entire business model is based on delivering secure, managed applications with guaranteed levels […]

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Decoding Microsoft Defender’s hidden settings

January 25, 2021

Via: Computerworld

Ask someone what antivirus software they use and you’ll probably get a near-religious argument about which one they have installed. Antivirus choices are often about what we trust — or don’t — on our operating system. I’ve seen some Windows […]

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For Microsoft’s January patches, no all-clear (yet)

January 18, 2021

Via: Computerworld

I’m not ready to give an all-clear to the security patches released Jan. 12, and I want to warn you about one specific update that is affecting HyperV servers and some consumer level workstations. KB4535680, also known as Security update […]

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Deep learning outperforms standard machine learning in biomedical research applications

January 14, 2021

Via: ScienceDaily

Compared to standard machine learning models, deep learning models are largely superior at discerning patterns and discriminative features in brain imaging, despite being more complex in their architecture, according to a new study in Nature Communications led by Georgia State […]

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Adversarial attacks are a ticking time bomb, but no one cares

January 8, 2021

Via: The Next Web

If you’ve been following news about artificial intelligence, you’ve probably heard of or seen modified images of pandas and turtles and stop signs that look ordinary to the human eye but cause AI systems to behave erratically. Known as adversarial […]

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Nvidia Warns Windows Gamers of High-Severity Graphics Driver Flaws

January 7, 2021

Via: Threat Post

Nvidia, which makes gaming-friendly graphics processing units (GPUs), on Thursday fixed a slew of high-severity flaws affecting its graphics driver. The vulnerabilities allow bad actors to cripple systems with denial of service attacks, escalate privileges, tamper with data or sniff […]

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Why AI is so power-hungry

December 29, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

This month, Google forced out a prominent AI ethics researcher after she voiced frustration with the company for making her withdraw a research paper. The paper pointed out the risks of language-processing artificial intelligence, the type used in Google Search […]