The Set Piece Strategy: Tackling Complexity in Serverless Applications

July 2, 2024

Via: InfoQ

Most of you should be familiar with the movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. There are so many things in this movie to entertain us: vibrant colors, locations, sun, water, an all-star cast, etc. If you think of moviemaking, it has many stages to go through. Everything seems simple to us, but someone needs to develop a story, write a script, find the producer, bring a director on board, find the stars, location, costumes, etc. It’s a complicated process.

When it is packaged together, we could call it a monolith. However, a movie is not just one big blob; first, there is an introduction. Often, there is an interval, hyped up by the story built before, in a manner that leaves you hanging on the suspense.

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