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Omni Faces 4.0 Changes Minimal Dependency to Java 11, While Removing Deprecated Classes

November 14, 2022

Via: InfoQ

Almost five years since its previous major release, OmniFaces 4.0 has been released after a long series of milestones that included a “Jakartified version of 3.14 with a couple of breaking changes” following the release of Jakarta EE 10. Besides the minimum requirements and breaking changes, new utility methods have been added and omnifaces.js is now sourced by Typescript rather than vanilla JavaScript.

The biggest considered advantage of the change to TypeScript is its ability to transpile the exact same source code to an older EcmaScript version such as ES5 or even ES3 for ancient web browsers. The intent is to do the same for Jakarta Faces’ own faces.js. Targeted at ES5, omnifaces.js is compatible with all major web browsers.

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