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Java News Roundup: Spring Boot 3.2, Spring Pulsar 1.0, Hibernate 6.4, JEP 447 Targeted to JDK 22

November 27, 2023

Via: InfoQ

This week’s Java roundup for November 20th, 2023 features news from OpenJDK, JDK 22, JCON World 2023, and point, milestone and GA releases for: Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Spring Security, Spring Authorization Server, Spring GraphQL, Spring Integration, Spring Session, Spring Vault, Quarkus, Hibernate ORM, Hibernate Search, Infinispan, JHipster, JBang, OpenXava, Testcontainers and Gradle.

After its review has concluded, JEP 447, Statements before super(…) (Preview), has been promoted from Proposed to Target to Targeted for JDK 22. This JEP, under the auspices of Project Amber, proposes to: allow statements that do not reference an instance being created to appear before the this() or super() calls in a constructor; and preserve existing safety and initialization guarantees for constructors.

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