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Java News Roundup: JEPs for JDK 22, Spring Shell, Quarkus, Apache Camel, JDKMon, J-Fall 2023

November 13, 2023

Via: InfoQ

This week’s Java roundup for November 6th, 2023 features news from OpenJDK, JDK 22, Spring Shell 3.2.0-M3, 3.1.5, 3.0.9 and 2.1.14, Quarkus 3.5.1 and 3.2.8, Apache Camel 3.14.10, Apache Camel Quarkus 3.2.2, JDKMon 17.0.81, Arquillian 1.7.2.Final, Gradle 8.5.0-RC1 and J-Fall 2023.


After its review has concluded, JEP 460, Vector API (Seventh Incubator), has been promoted from Proposed to Target to Targeted for JDK 22. This JEP, under the auspices of Project Panama, incorporates enhancements in response to feedback from the previous six rounds of incubation: JEP 448, Vector API (Sixth Incubator), delivered in JDK 21; JEP 438, Vector API (Fifth Incubator), delivered in JDK 20; JEP 426, Vector API (Fourth Incubator), delivered in JDK 19;

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