Leak: Is this the first photo of the new 4-inch Apple iPhone?

January 25, 2016

Via: BGR

In case you missed it, Apple is reportedly going to replace the aging iPhone 5s with something fresher. Dubbed the iPhone 5se, the new 4-inch iPhone has been the star of numerous reports for months and has been referred to as the iPhone 6c, iPhone 7c, and iPhone 5e so far. Apple has apparently settled for iPhone 5se as the official name, which seems like a pretty baffling decision at first glance.

Dutch website One More Thing obtained the following image, which shows an iPhone 5se right next to the iPhone 5. It’s really easy to tell them apart, assuming you know your iPhone history. The iPhone 5s was the first handset to pack a fingerprint sensor, now a major characteristic of iOS devices, so the handset on the left is the iPhone 5 while the iPhone 5se is placed on the right.

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