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The End of G Suite Legacy Free Edition: What Options Do You Have After June 27, 2022?

June 20, 2022


Earlier this year, Google announced the end of free G Suite Legacy accounts. The notice came as a surprise to entrepreneurs and businesses that had been using the free G Suite for more than a decade. As they ponder on what to do with these accounts, they have a few options at hand. The first is to switch to free Gmail accounts. If that isn’t enough, they can look for alternatives offered by Google’s competitors, or migrate from G Suite Legacy to paid Google Workspace. Below, you will learn about the options available to businesses after June 27 and which of these solutions is best for your company.

The End of G Suite Legacy – When Do You Need to Make a Decision for Your Company?

In January 2022, Google announced that free G Suite users would have to start paying for Google Workspace if they wanted to keep their accounts. According to the company, the migration of user accounts to Google Workspace will begin on May 1, and accounts that fail to provide billing data will be suspended from July 1.

Google’s official timeline has since been pushed back a month, with the new Workspace migration deadline of June 27 and the discontinuation of any remaining G Suite Legacy functionality on August 1. Users of these packages still have time to get acquainted with the service and decide which Workspace plan to use.

If administrators fail to provide their billing information by August 1, their accounts will be suspended. Users who do not provide their card details will have their services terminated 60 days after their accounts are blocked.

Google Workspace for G Suite Legacy Users

How do you maintain access to Gmail, Drive, or Docs for your business accounts? One option is to migrate to Google Workspace accounts. Google promises a 50% discount on Workspace licenses for the first year. Google’s promised business account migration discount is only valid from July 2022 to July 2023. 

For corporate accounts with more than 10 employees, migrating all G Suite Legacy licenses to Workspace is the best solution. However, if this is not right for your company, there are some alternatives.

Transitioning from G Suite Legacy to the Free Version of Gmail

Free Gmail accounts are still an option for business or home users. If you’re already used to G Suite Legacy email and productivity apps, switching to free Gmail accounts may be an option. However, you may encounter a number of limitations here, such as the lack of email addresses on your own domain, limited storage space in Drive, potentially low security, and limited team communication versions.

Transitioning to Another Service Provider

The discontinuation of free Google Workspace accounts using the free G Suite legacy edition has prompted many users and entrepreneurs to consider their relationship with Google’s provider in general. They may now decide to switch to another cloud service, purchase a hosting service, or even set up their own servers.

Each of these alternatives has advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to consider all the consequences before making the best decision for your company. We recommend checking the security guarantee, administrative and technical support, the ease of use of the email service, or how familiar customers are with the new software.

Getting on the Waiting List for a Free Version of G Suite Legacy

Although Google initially announced that the free G Suite Legacy version would no longer be available, the company has since reconsidered. Recently, the opportunity to sign up for a waiting list to continue receiving the free service has risen.

Customers who do not wish to use Gmail for their custom domain or manage multiple users can continue to use the free option. Customers who choose this option will have access to the free version of Google Workspace services such as Google Drive, Google Meet, as well as additional Google services, such as Google Search, Google Maps, and YouTube. They will also continue to have access to premium content, such as movies purchased from Google Play Store.

Transition to the Free Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals (Valid for Schools and Educational Institutions Only)

Another option for former G Suite users is to switch to the free Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals subscription. However, this type of Workspace subscription is only available to schools and educational institutions and can only be accessed if the following two requirements are met:

  • The institution is licensed and recognized by the local authorities;
  • The institution can provide nationally or internationally recognized certification for primary, secondary, or higher education.


With only a few days until June 27, the decision to migrate to a suite that allows your employees to continue working and collaborating as before cannot and should not be postponed. Although the Google Workspace suite is designed as a natural successor to G Suite Legacy and remains one of the best options for businesses, there are other options to consider.