Office 365 E5 ups the features — and the price tag

December 9, 2015

Via: InfoWorld
We’ve known it was coming for several months, and now it’s here: the Office 365 E5 corporate plan, which replaces the current E4 plan. Office 365 E5 ups its capabilities as well as its price — and how. An E4 plan costs $22 per user per month, whereas its E5 replacement costs $35 per user per month — a 59 percent jump. That’s probably more than most enterprises are willing to bear, despite the feature updates.

You’ll have to choose by June 2016, when the E4 plan goes away and enterprises are forced to move to either the $20-per-user-per-month E3 plan or the $35-per-user-per-month E5 plan.

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