20 Best Sports Apps

January 22, 2018

Here’s how you use crowd wisdom to make benchmark-busting investments

January 8, 2018

eToro’s CopyFunds combine traditional investment management with cutting-edge financial technology to create a unique investment product. The “Fintech Revolution” triggered numerous innovations and investment methods that have changed traditional trading and investment industries. While initially, the internet gave almost anyone […]

How data aggregation can shake up credit decisioning

December 15, 2017

Category: Mobile Apps

Pretty soon, there could be an app for this, that and just about everything in between. The number of active apps is expected to by the end of 2020—that’s about a 70 percent increase from 2016. Among the most popular apps […]

Is AI going to save the home security industry?

December 6, 2017

Some industries are slow to adapt their products to meet the changing demands of today’s consumers. Home security is one of those industries. Once the first models were built, they remained virtually unchanged long enough to become ineffective. The way […]

iOS, Operating systems

Future iOS update will let users switch off iPhone throttling ‘feature’

January 18, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

APPLE CEO Tim Cook has said that a future iOS update will let users opt-out of a so-called ‘feature’ that throttles the performance of older iPhones with degraded batteries. Earlier this year, Apple admitted that it hamstrings the performance of iPhones 6, 6S and […]

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Google is making page speed a factor in mobile search rankings

January 18, 2018

Via: TechSpot

Google’s ever-evolving page rank algorithm is notoriously tricky, to say the least. The search giant takes into account a number of factors when assigning page rank, one of which is speed. At least, that’s been the case with desktop searches […]

Mobile Apps

Facebook wants to fix one more thing: Messenger

January 17, 2018

Via: BGR

Ever since Facebook turned Messenger into a standalone app a few years ago, the company started piling up new feature after new feature on top of the basic tricks you’d expect from a mobile chat app. Some of those improvements […]