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Azure IoT Hub goes basic for cheaper telemetry deployments

April 17, 2018

Via: InfoWorld

If we’re to build a massively scalable internet of things, we’re going to need tools that can handle hundreds of thousands of devices and a massive throughput of data. That’s hard to deliver with on-premises systems, but one that’s eminently […]

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Microsoft set to release Spring Creators Update for Windows 10 today

April 10, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

ALTHOUGH MICROSOFT hasn’t specifically said so yet, it’s a pretty open secret that the latest stable update to Windows 10 (version 1803, fact fans) is being released at some point today. The Spring Creators Update continues the company’s commitment to […]

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Microsoft will be adding 64-bit support to Windows for ARM soon

April 6, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

MICROSOFT IS bringing 64-bit support to the ARM version of Windows 10… soon. The ARM version of Windows 10 was released last year and is designed for so-called “always-on” (nice way of saying ‘budget’) machines. Unfortunately, there are a whole […]

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Microsoft pushes Windows Defender ATP to Windows 8.1 and 7, but there’s a catch

February 13, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

MICROSOFT IS PUSHING its Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) subscription service into Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 for people too lazy or mad to upgrade to Windows 10. The enterprise security service has previously been exclusive to Windows 10, […]

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Microsoft is developing blockchain tech that lets you manage your digital identity

February 12, 2018

Via: TheNextWeb

Microsoft is out to prove blockchain naysayers wrong. In an effort to show the potential of the technology beyond its applications in cryptocurrency, the Redmond giant has announced plans to use blockchain tech as the foundation for storing and processing […]

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Microsoft releases emergency update to disable Intel’s broken Spectre fix

January 29, 2018

Via: TechSpot

In the words of Linux creator Linus Torvalds, Intel’s attempts to mitigate against the Spectre flaw have been “complete and utter garbage.” It’s hard to argue with that statement, especially now that Microsoft has been forced to issue an out-of-cycle […]

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5 beginners tips for Windows users switching to Mac

August 29, 2017

Via: The Next Web

There seems to be an unspoken rule for OS users to stay in their lane. You’re a Mac user or a PC user, full stop. So when you want to make the leap from one to the other — either […]

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Inside Windows Server’s containerized Linux future

July 17, 2017

Via: InfoWorld

Microsoft’s new continuous-delivery model, with Windows releases every six months or so, makes sense for the desktop. But does it work for Windows Server? Certainly, Microsoft didn’t think so at first. Windows Server 2016 comes from the Long-Term Servicing Build […]

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The 10 most exciting new features in Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

June 16, 2017

Via: BGR

Microsoft just released a fresh new preview build of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and to say that it’s a huge update is an understatement. The company packed tons of new features into this just-released build, which is dubbed Windows […]

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Microsoft slaps down Kaspersky’s Windows 10 antitrust complaint

June 7, 2017

Via: The Inquirer

MICROSOFT HAS SPOKEN OUT following the news that Kaspersky has filed an antitrust complaint with the European Union over the firm’s Windows 10 operating system. After first filing a complaint with Russian regulators from the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), Kaspersky […]