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What Looks Different In Android P?

March 9, 2018

Via: Geek

Only around 1.1% of Android phones are running Oreo, but, hey… don’t let that spoil the mood. Google’s got another big update in the works, and they’re finally ready to let developers take a look at it! Yes, you can […]

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The joys of Windows Server’s group policies

January 9, 2018

Via: InfoWorld

When Microsoft introduced group policy objects (GPOs) along with Windows Server 2000 nearly 17 years ago, they were an exciting new approach to managing user and system permissions. Today, they’re simply part of the administrative woodwork, and as a result, […]

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How to get Windows 10 for free

August 31, 2017

Via: PC Advisor

While the generous offer from Microsoft of a free copy of Windows 10 for anyone who wants to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 has now expired, it’s still possible to make the transition without spending £120 on the Microsoft […]

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Inside Windows Server’s containerized Linux future

July 17, 2017

Via: InfoWorld

Microsoft’s new continuous-delivery model, with Windows releases every six months or so, makes sense for the desktop. But does it work for Windows Server? Certainly, Microsoft didn’t think so at first. Windows Server 2016 comes from the Long-Term Servicing Build […]

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Which Android devices are the most secure?

July 16, 2017

Via: Jeremy Corkwell

Android security is a frequent tech topic that most of us read about weekly, if not daily sometimes. Everybody knows that Android phones are exposed to hacks, but no one considered just how vulnerable they really are, until now. Researchers […]

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10 Linux distributions for developers

July 12, 2017

Via: InfoWorld

Linux distributions geared toward casual desktop users are important, but developers also need to use Linux. Developers have different needs than other users, so certain distributions can be better than others for development purposes. But which distros are well suited […]

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10 reasons macOS High Sierra is good for the enterprise

July 12, 2017

Via: Computer World

What is High Sierra? The 14th major version of Apple’s Mac operating system, High Sierra is currently going through beta testing in order to ship this fall. The OS (aka macOS 10.13) has a range of under-the-hood technology improvements, including […]

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Best New iOS 11 Features

June 6, 2017

Via: Tom's Guide

At its Worldwide Developers Conference event today (June 5) in San Jose, California, Apple revealed iOS 11, the latest edition of its mobile operating system. Top features include the Apple Pay integration in Messages, a Siri that sounds more natural […]

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Will Linux protect you from ransomware attacks?

May 17, 2017

Via: InfoWorld

Ransomware attacks are all the rage these days among hackers, and many people are worried about becoming victims. Are Linux users secure against such attacks? This topic came up recently in a thread on the Linux subreddit, and the folks […]

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Google’s Fuchsia OS ditches Linux, gets a new UI and gets opened up on video

May 9, 2017

Via: The Inquirer

WE ALREADY KNEW that Google was working on a third OS dubbed Fuchsia, and now we can finally see what the firm’s potential Android replacement looks like. Unlike Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia OS – which first broke cover, albeit barely, last August – […]