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Software Security

Espionage Group Hits U.S. Utilities with Sophisticated Spy Tool

June 9, 2020

Via: Threat Post

The APT known as TA410 has added a modular remote-access trojan (RAT) to its espionage arsenal, deployed against Windows targets in the United States’ utilities sector. According to researchers at Proofpoint, the RAT, called FlowCloud, can access installed applications and […]


Windows 10 vs. 8.1 vs. 7 Performance: Microsoft’s latest OS put to the test

August 10, 2015

Via: Steven Walton

Three years ago we were benchmarking Microsoft’s then latest operating system, Windows 8. At the time we were keen to make sure Windows 8 performed as well as Windows 7, which was a huge upgrade from 2006’s Windows Vista. In […]