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10 Best Generative AI Software for LinkedIn

February 12, 2024

Via: TechBullion

In the fast-paced world of professional networking, standing out on platforms like LinkedIn is a constant challenge. To address this, many professionals are turning to Generative AI software, a revolutionary technology that aids in content creation and engagement. In this […]


Global Software Industry in 2022: Main Growth Engines and Challenges

December 15, 2021

Via: Natalie Dunn

eCommerce, automation of industrial processes, and workflow optimization, along with the digitization of the public system, were the main growth engines of the global software industry, projected to reach US$578,020m in 2021. As experts estimate the industry to grow even […]

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Developing AI with a partner? 7 important rules to set

April 26, 2018

Via: InfoWorld

Working with a partner on a new AI software product can be highly advantageous. With two minds working on a common problem, you can create a more imaginative, better-rounded, and more stable final product; you’ll also be able to put […]