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Patrick Wardle on Hackers Leveraging ‘Powerful’ iOS Bugs in High-Level Attacks

December 22, 2020

Via: Threat Post

A recently uncovered zer0-click Apple zero-day flaw, used in a spyware campaign against Al Jazeera journalists, shed light this week on the impact of Apple security issues being abused by bad actors. In 2020, the security research community saw an […]

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Remove these Android apps from your phone immediately

September 20, 2019

Via: BGR

By now, the pattern is pretty familiar. In spite of the company stepping up its detection efforts, Google can’t seem to eliminate sketchy applications from sneaking their way into the Google Play Store where they often rack up millions of […]

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Microsoft declares war on shady tune-up software

February 29, 2016

Via: Geek

There are a lot of salesmen on the internet peddling digital snake oil for your Windows computer, and they’ve been at it for years. Microsoft has finally decided that it’s time to fight back. The company has spoken out before […]