Viral ‘Most Used Words’ Facebook app looks like a huge privacy risk, but your data seems safe

November 26, 2015

Via: BGR

Whenever you hear about third-party Facebook apps making the news in a privacy-related context, it’s usually not good. But that’s not really the case with Facebook’s latest viral app, which has all the elements of a perfect data heist but is surprisingly safe to use.

You’ve probably seen Vonvon’s Most Used Words popup more than once in your Facebook timeline: It’s an app that mines through the stuff you’ve posted on Facebook and then gives you a graphical representation of the words you’ve used most inside Facebook.

To do that, the developer needs access to a bunch of your data – otherwise it can’t return any results. But Vonvon apparently decided to take a lot more than it really needs, even though it’s not doing anything with it for the time being. It’s not even collecting it.

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