Latest Windows 10 update demonstrates overhauled dev scheme

April 23, 2015

Via: itCurated

Microsoft on Wednesday released its seventh version of Windows 10’s technical preview.

Build 10061 was the first update in April and followed its predecessor by about three weeks. Last month, Microsoft vowed to pick up the pace of Windows 10 preview updates, and since then has delivered three, including Wednesday’s.

According to Gabriel Aul, the engineering general manager for Microsoft’s operating system group, Build 10061 features new Mail and Calendar apps, which support Exchange, Gmail, Office 365, and other account types. It also includes improvements to the Start menu and taskbar visuals; enhancements to Continuum, the technology that automatically switches 2-in-1 screen formatting when the tablet part of the device is disengaged from the keyboard; and unlimited Virtual Desktops.

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