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Java News Roundup: New JEP Candidates, Milestone Releases for Spring Projects and Micrometer

February 19, 2024

Via: InfoQ

JEP 466, Class-File API (Second Preview), has been promoted from its JEP Draft 8324965 to Candidate status. This JEP proposes a second round of preview to obtain feedback from the previous round of preview: JEP 457, Class-File API (Preview), to be delivered in the upcoming release of JDK 22. This feature provides an API for parsing, generating, and transforming Java class files. This will initially serve as an internal replacement for ASM, the Java bytecode manipulation and analysis framework, in the JDK with plans to have it opened as a public API. Goetz has characterized ASM as “an old codebase with plenty of legacy baggage” and provided background information on how this draft will evolve and ultimately replace ASM.

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