Meerkat launches developer platform and API

May 6, 2015

Meerkat has launched a developer platform and APIs to assist third-party developers in building tools for the independent streaming video service.

The move distinguishes Meerkat from Periscope, the competing service that Twitter launched in the wake of Meerkat’s high-profile debut. Shortly after Periscope launched, Twitter cut off Meerkat.

The company introduced its new API on Medium with the following:

We are committed to working with third party developers and want to highlight products like #Katch (, Meerkat Stats (, and Meerkat Streams ( These are examples of great products that the Meerkat community loves and that we’ll be doing everything we can to keep supporting. This goes out to the 37 teams currently building on top of Meerkat and anyone who joins the Meerkat developer community.

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