Large organisations are immature in embracing end-user computing: Dimension Data

October 6, 2015

Via: itCurated

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Large organisations are unsure of how to approach the concept of end-user computing as a cohesive strategy and manage the proliferation of devices and security risks, according to a recent report conducted by Dimension Data.

The 2015 Mobile Workforce Report, which surveyed 730 organisations employing 1000 or more staff in five regions and 11 countries across 14 industries, was undertaken to understand the challenges that CIOs face in terms of adopting a user centric approach to doing business.

According to the report, of those organisations polled, 44 per cent have incorporated enterprise mobility into a broader end-user computing strategy and have budget for end-user computing on multiple devices, compared to 13 per cent that have no strategy in place. On average, end-user computing is 28 per cent of the IT budget.

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