Prepare now for the death of Flash and Java plug-ins

February 1, 2016

Via: InfoWorld
A quick glance around an IT infrastructure of any size will reveal a rich mosaic of hardware and software management tools in use. They might be as simple as a Telnet UI into an older Ethernet switch or as sophisticated as a whiz-bang GUI to a virtualization framework. We use a wide variety of different tools to manage everything within our purview.

Unfortunately, many of these front ends, due to fateful choices by their makers, are starting to cause big problems, and those problems may be with us well into the future. The fundamental mistake these vendors made was building critical management clients on platforms, namely Flash and Java, that may have seemed stable at the time but have ultimately fallen by the wayside. The upshot is that unless you start stocking up on clones of older operating systems and software, some of your critical infrastructure components will become unmanageable.

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