Perforce goes fully distributed in source-code management

March 3, 2015

Perforce today announced the release of Helix, the newest version of the company’s source-code-management and versioning system. New to Helix are distributed development support for the traditional Perforce suite of tools, and new security features that monitor repository usage and track suspicious behavior.

This is a problem perhaps most noticeable in the video gaming world, as gamers target companies’ code repositories to try to learn what the next version of their game will entail. This has become tougher to deal with as tools like Git and JIRA become more popular as hackers wanting to see inside a company’s development process make these types of servers a high-priority target. Valve’s Half-Life was a victim both of a repository hack and of a JIRA hack. The former was far more dangerous to business, but the latter revealed information about far-future projects.