Microsoft thinks you should be using Edge, not Firefox or Chrome, and will tell you why

September 8, 2015

Microsoft has a history of “encouraging” their users into using a specific browser, and this is just the latest story. VentureBeat reports that the first time you search “Firefox” or “Chrome” in Bing on your Windows 10 device, you’ll get a banner over the search results that says “Microsoft recommends Edge for Windows 10.” A “Learn why” button links to a page filled with reasons to use Edge.

The Inquirer picked up the story, but added that they weren’t able to replicate the results because they’re in the UK. Unlike in the United States, Microsoft has gotten into trouble before with the European Commission in regard to its web browser. That led to a rule that users must be offered many different browser options — a company can’t pre-choose the default for you. The Inquirer says the rule expired last year, but served to open the browser market to a more even competition.

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