Apple Watch boosts Wearables

April 3, 2015

At BZ Media’s Wearables TechCon in March, we saw many interesting devices, technologies and software platforms for quantifying the self, telling time, and doing all manner of otherworldly duties all from the wrist of the user. Then Apple joined the party, announcing its eponymous Watch while attendees at the show gossiped over the future.

Everyone agreed that the Apple Watch validates the market for wearable devices. One thing they may not have understood, however, was that Apple’s movement into this space began in September 2014, and at that time, the company validated the market in time for Christmas.

As a result, wearables saw a big boost in sales over the holiday season, and many interesting takes on the idea, from Pebble to Martian, mean that the market is already beginning to fill with solutions of all shapes and sizes.

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