Why you should worry about Windows 10 cumulative updates

October 21, 2015

Via: itCurated
Yesterday, Blair Hanley Frank from IDG News Service reported on an interview with Windows VP Joe Belfiore, describing Microsoft’s continued refusal to break apart Windows 10 cumulative updates. He quotes Belfiore:

We’ve involved a lot of companies and real-world IT management organizations in talking through the implications … and our feeling talking with them is that the net result that you get is better… We’ve seen lots of examples of situations where end users experienced lower reliability or unpredictable system performance because of a relatively untested combination of updates. So our net intent is to improve the quality overall, for everybody. And we believe that this method will deliver that.

While Microsoft’s intentions are laudable (in some respects), they’re entirely dependent on one important point: In order for this to work, Microsoft must deliver patches for Windows 10 that are a lot better than the ones we’ve seen for every earlier version of Windows.

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