Photos for Mac: A cut above iPhoto, and a good start, but it’s no Aperture

April 8, 2015


Apple’s Photos organizer and editor, part of OS X 10.10.3, was released to the public today, and, as many expected, it is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for users of the old iPhoto.

Photos is a modern, streamlined app and will be hugely beneficial to those who also happen to be packing an iPhone with the analogous mobile Photos app installed. You will immediately spot the resemblance in terms of organization and interface of the two, and that is by design.

If you’re fond of the way Apple has organized your photo album on the iPhone and iPad, then you will be thrilled that the organization scheme on the desktop Photos is analogous. Most people are shooting, accessing and organizing photos on a mobile device, so aligning the two removes the disconnect.

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