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macOS turtle ransomware: No need to hide in your digital shells

December 5, 2023

Via: BGR

There’s a new macOS turtle ransomware in town. You don’t need to hide in your digital shell, but you might want to take it slow and avoid having your Mac compromised.

This new macOS ransomware was discovered and analyzed a few days ago by Objective-See (via AppleInsider), and it’s one of those attacks you should be aware of. Still, it’s nothing that you should change your habits – if you know how to navigate online.

Internal references on the data analyzed show the hackers call this attack “Turtlerans,” “TurnmiRansom,” and “TurtleRansom,” so it’s not BGR inventing this malware a name. As expected, it works with Windows and Linux and was recently ported to macOS.

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