iOS Security Reports Say No iPhone Is Safe

April 2, 2015


Vulnerabilities in Apple iOS are cause for concern for CIOs and other IT leaders, as a range of recent research demonstrates weaknesses in the operating system and some of the apps that run on it.
Network security firm GFI Software issued a report that ranked operating systems by number and severity of vulnerabilities reported in 2014.
The report is based on GFI’s analysis of the National Vulnerability Database, which is maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  According to the GFI report, Apple took the top vulnerability spots, with its Mac OSX at No. 1 with 147 vulnerabilities, followed by Apple iOS with 127 vulnerabilities. The Linux Kernel was a close third, followed very distantly by Ubuntu and Windows. Android, meanwhile, had only six reported vulnerabilities for 2014 (although GFI took care to note that this number did not include certain Linux vulnerabilities that also apply to Android).

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