How to set up a Windows Phone smartphone

December 23, 2015

Whether your new Windows Phone is your first smartphone, an upgrade or you’re coming from Android or an iPhone, here’s how to get set up including your email, contacts, apps and more. (This guide is written for Windows Phone 8 devices, including 8.1, but it’s very similar if you have a phone running Windows 10.)

First, charge up your new phone by connecting the charger. If one wasn’t supplied, use the USB cable to connect the phone to another USB charger or – failing that – the USB port on your laptop or PC. The computer will need to be on for the smartphone to charge.

Also, use the supplied SIM tray tool – or the tool-less mechanism for removing the tray – and insert your SIM card. If your SIM doesn’t fit, you can cut it down or request a new SIM from your mobile provider. Here’s how to cut down a SIM card.

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