Battle of the browsers 2016: The best web browser for Windows

January 6, 2016

The internet has become the primary use for many laptops and desktops in recent years. While online, you want to know that your web browser is fast, secure, and has a few extra features to make the experience easier. We put seven popular offerings through their paces to see which is the best browser for Windows – now updated to include Microsoft Edge.

The once humble browser has fast become the most important icon on any desktop PC or laptop screen. With so much of our digital lives now being lived online, accessing the internet in the fastest and most convenient way possible is essential. Modern offerings are far more than just portals to the web though, instead they have advanced security features, plug-in tools to make life easier, and even complete ecosystems built around them so you never need open another app to get things done. We’ve gathered together seven of the best currently available and tested them to see which is the best for Windows users.

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