Facebook’s partnership with Uber means you can now hail a ride from within Messenger

December 18, 2015

Via: TechSpot

Facebook has announced that it has formed a partnership with Uber to bring the ride-hailing company’s service to the Messenger app. At the moment, the feature is being tested with some users, but it will soon be available to those located in US cities with Uber services.

The new feature can be found in Messenger by clicking on the car icon or selecting the transportation option in the ‘more’ menu – represented by an ellipsis symbol. It’s also possible to click on an address from within Messenger to bring up a box that says “Request a ride,” that will take you to a screen where you can add your pick up location, destination, and car type.

Anyone who uses the service can track and pay for their ride all within Messenger, meaning you don’t have to download the Uber app. You will need a Uber account, though, which you can create within Messenger.

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