EE switches on Wi-Fi calls and texts for customers with compatible handsets

April 6, 2015


EE has announced that its Wi-Fi calls and texts feature, which allows customers to route voice calls and SMS through Wi-Fi networks when they have no mobile reception, is now available.

A spokesperson for the company told TNW that testing had been going on for some time, but that the service is now available to people with compatible handsets – two of the first on EE’s network are the Microsoft Lumia 640 (released today) and the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, due for release in three days.

In essence, once you’ve switched the option on in the settings menu, you never really have to think about it again – the phone will simply fall back to it by default whenever there’s no phone signal available, which is particularly helpful in rural areas, or if you’re stood on a platform on the London Underground network.

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