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Microsoft Announces the General Availability of NDm A100 v4 Series Virtual Machines

December 1, 2021

Via: InfoQ

Recently, Microsoft announced the general availability (GA) of a brand-new virtual machine (VM) series in Azure, the NDm A100 v4 Series – featuring NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core 80 GB GPUs. This high-performance computing (HPC) VM is designed to deliver high performance, scalability, and cost efficiency for various real-world HPC workloads.

Earlier, the company released the ND A100 v4 series, featuring NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, each equipped with 40 GB of HBM2 memory. With the new NDm A100 v4 series, it doubles to 80 GB, along with a 30 percent increase in GPU memory bandwidth. Sherry Wang, senior program manager, Azure HPC, and AI, stated in an Azure blog post on the new series:

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