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Java News Roundup: WildFly 25, JEP 408, Quarkus 2.3.0, MicroProfile 5.0-RC1, Mockito 4.0, Jelastic

October 11, 2021

Via: InfoQ

This week’s Java roundup for October 4th, 2021, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 18, Spring Cloud 21.0.0-M2, WildFly 25, Quarkus 2.3.0.Final, MicroProfile 5.0-RC1, Open Liberty, Mockito 4.0, Apache Camel 3.12.0 and 3.7.6, Apache Camel Quarkus 2.3.0 and Jelastic PaaS acquired by Virtuozzo.


JEP 408, Simple Web Server, has been promoted from Candidate to Proposed to Target for JDK 18. This JEP provides a minimal HTTP command-line web server that serves only static files. This utility is designed to be useful for prototyping, ad-hoc coding, and testing, particularly in an educational environment. The server may be started as follows:

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