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Java News Roundup: JDK 20 Released, Spring Releases, Quarkus, Helidon, Micronaut, Open Liberty

March 27, 2023

Via: InfoQ

This week’s Java roundup for March 20th, 2023, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 20, JDK 21, Amazon Corretto 20, BellSoft Liberica JDK 20, multiple Spring milestone and point releases, Quarkus 3.0.0.Beta1 and 2.16.5, Helidon 3.2.0, Open Liberty, Micronaut 4.0.0-M1, Camel Quarkus 3.0.0-M1, JBang 0.105.1, Failsafe 3.3.1, Maven 3.9.1 and Gradle 8.1-RC1.


JEP 431, Sequenced Collections, has been promoted from Proposed to Target to Targeted status for JDK 21. This JEP proposes to introduce “a new family of interfaces that represent the concept of a collection whose elements are arranged in a well-defined sequence or ordering, as a structural property of the collection.” Motivation was due to a lack of a well-defined ordering and uniform set of operations within the Collections Framework. More details on JEP 431 may be found in this InfoQ news story.

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