How cloud computing will change by 2020

February 22, 2018

For the last decade, technology companies have been hyping the idea of “the cloud” and cloud computing. Recent advancements in technology have borne out the initial hype and are creating new excitement around this space. One of the first major milestones for cloud computing was the launch of Amazon Web Services, which enabled anyone to launch a website. Subsequently, the discussion became much more focused on data and what businesses could do when they decentralized their systems.

My business so heavily relies on the power of cloud computing that it’s hard for me to imagine how we would conduct ourselves without such systems, but many businesses view the cloud as having arbitrary technological value or will openly admit it confuses them. The concept of a digital network of data is daunting, but as there are more advancements in the applications for the cloud, businesses will begin to understand it with better clarity. Over the next two years, cloud computing is poised to undergo massive growth, due to a number of trends in the technology sphere.

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