image: theinquirer

Chrome 67 arrives on Linux, Mac and Windows with support for password-free logins

GOOGLE HAS PUSHED OUT Chrome 67 to Linux, macOS, and Windows users, the first version of its browser to enable support for password-free WebAuthn logins.

As announced back in April, Chrome 67 offers WebAuthn support by default, a standard will let users ditch passwords in favour of biometric security. The added functionality will enable Chrome users to sign in using both integrated biometric hardware, such as fingerprint and facial-recognition systems, along with external authentication systems such as the YubiKey USB hardware.

Chrome 67 also adds support for the Generic Sensor API, a W3C specification developed by Intel that enables developers to access various sensors – such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and orientation sensors – in mobile and desktop devices.

Speaking of sensors, the latest version of Chrome now supports new WebXR Device API that allows developers to create web-based AR and VR apps.

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