Windows 10 November update’s most annoying bug: Deleting apps without asking

November 24, 2015

Via: BGR

Microsoft released its most significant update yet for Windows 10 update in November, but the software release isn’t bug-free. In fact, it seems that Microsoft pulled the November build due to various bugs, with one of them being particularly annoying: Windows 10 can apparently delete apps without asking the user.

The fact that Windows 10 can automatically remove apps shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, Microsoft did reveal early on that Windows 10 will have this unique capability, especially when it comes to deleting illegal apps and games.

But Windows 10 is also deleting apps that crash the system following the November update. Various users have already complained about the issue on Microsoft’s forums, Venture Beat reports, highlighting certain apps that seem to cause the problem, including monitoring tool CPU-Z and Speccy and the AMD Catalyst Control Center.

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