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Microsoft will be adding 64-bit support to Windows for ARM soon

April 6, 2018

MICROSOFT IS bringing 64-bit support to the ARM version of Windows 10… soon.

The ARM version of Windows 10 was released last year and is designed for so-called “always-on” (nice way of saying ‘budget’) machines.

Unfortunately, there are a whole crock of compatibility issues, which will come as a surprise to few, but perhaps raises a little eyebrow as to why it was released at all, this soon.

But once 64-bit app compatibility is launched, it will mean a wider range of software will be usable on ARM-powered machines. Whereas Linux had moved to a 64-bit only model (with backwards compatibility) some time ago, there are a lot of key applications for Windows x86 (the posh name for 32-bit) that don’t have an x64 version.

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