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Apple releases iOS 15.1.1 with fix for dropped calls on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

November 17, 2021

Via: BGR

Apple rolled out a minor update for the iPhone on Wednesday, November 17th. According to Apple’s release notes, iOS 15.1.1 fixes a problem that was causing dropped calls on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. If you have been having trouble with dropped calls, update to iOS 15.1.1 ASAP.

Apple typically releases smaller updates such as these to address urgent security issues. The fact that Apple didn’t wait to include this fix in iOS 15.2 suggests that dropped calls were plaguing a number of iPhone owners. Late last month, Apple released iOS 14.8.1 to fix a dozen security vulnerabilities. That was clearly a far more urgent update, but it’s always best to keep your devices up to date.

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