How to defer upgrades and updates in Windows 10 Pro

November 17, 2015

Microsoft has not advertised the fact, but anyone with a copy of Windows 10 Pro can postpone upgrades and defer updates using the Windows Update for Business service.

The options for controlling the arrival of Windows 10 upgrades and updates — the words mean different things under Microsoft’s rules — arrived as part of Windows 10 version 1511, the refresh that began rolling out Nov. 12. But while the settings — and Windows Update for Business — are intended for corporate customers, there’s nothing to stop any PC owner running Windows 10 Pro from leveraging the deferments.

That’s because Windows Update for Business (WUB) is not a cloud service, nor a product per se: It’s really just a set of controls for managing the timing of how Windows Update — the update and patch service Microsoft’s run for consumers for two decades — delivers upgrades and updates to business-grade editions of Windows 10.

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