Incredible free app makes older Android phones feel like new high-end flagships

November 17, 2015

Via: BGR

If you’re a hardcore gadget fan, you likely upgrade your smartphone once a year as new flagship phones come out. No, there’s nothing wrong with the phone you had been using, but all of those exciting new features are just too good to pass up. Most smartphone users don’t upgrade quite as often, however. Using the same phone for two, even three years is far more common than upgrading every year, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that — smartphones can be an expensive habit.

Over time, however, phones start to slow down and get sluggish, just like any computer would. It’s frustrating for users and performance improvements offered by newer phones that launch each year compounds matters, but it turns out that there’s a new free Android app that can help your dusty old phone feel like a brand new flagship.

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