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How Rental Businesses Can Benefit from a Modern Cloud ERP System

February 5, 2018

Rental businesses no longer need to rely on legacy systems to run their business management needs. Together, Rental 360 from NexVue and Acumatica’s modern cloud ERP system deliver the most effective cloud and mobile technology available today.

With NexVue’s Rental 360 built natively with Acumatica, rental businesses can now utilize a modern cloud ERP system. This means they use cloud and mobile technology to integrate and automate their processes from equipment tracking to rental availability and from flexible billing to pick up and delivery.

Imagine this scenario: You’re scheduled to drop off a piece of your heavy equipment to a new rental customer at a construction site. Once you get there, your customer has several questions about the equipment, such as if the rental fee is based on days or engine hours and when it’s next due for maintenance. Without hesitating, you pull out your phone and answer all of the questions thanks to easy, mobile access to the equipment’s complete history.

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