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Best computer security tips

June 20, 2018

Via: PC Advisor

Computers are such an integral part of life now, that it can be easy to take them for granted. But, with so much of our personal, financial, and legal information accessible through your PC, laptop and phone, it’s essential that […]

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Introducing React Native Windows for cross-platform apps

June 19, 2018

Via: InfoWorld

Building on Facebook’s React, Microsoft is delivering tools for building cross-platform code for Windows, the web, and beyond. It’s not a big secret that Microsoft’s builds many of its own properties using TypeScript, its open source JavaScript alternative. With strong […]

Mobile Apps

Slack is the latest big hitter to give up on Windows Phone

June 18, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

COLLABORATION TOOL and world conquerer Slack has become the lastest big name to abandon Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. Users were greeted when running the latest update (2018.614.0.0) with a message telling them that was their lot. “This will be the […]

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Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Insider build adds SwiftKey support

June 15, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

ONE OF THE ETERNAL ANNOYANCES of Windows 10, apart from all the other annoyances, has been the lack of support for third-party virtual keyboards. Using a tablet running the operating system really brings home how much we’ve come to depend on […]

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Microsoft begins rolling out a simplified ribbon for Office

June 14, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

MICROSOFT HAS UNVEILED a new version of its Office suite user interface, all ready for the imminent release of Office 2019. The main change is a long-overdue simplification of the ‘ribbon’ interface which has been overhauled for web-based services such […]

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How to create a Microsoft SQL Server failover cluster in the Google Cloud

June 6, 2018

Via: InfoWorld

While the cloud continues to grow in popularity for many, if not most, enterprise applications, IT departments remain reluctant to trust public clouds, including the Google Cloud Platform, for business-critical Microsoft SQL Server applications. Their primary concern is the increased […]

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Chrome 67 arrives on Linux, Mac and Windows with support for password-free logins

May 30, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

GOOGLE HAS PUSHED OUT Chrome 67 to Linux, macOS, and Windows users, the first version of its browser to enable support for password-free WebAuthn logins. As announced back in April, Chrome 67 offers WebAuthn support by default, a standard will […]

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Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 version 1803 on users who have deferred updates

May 29, 2018

Via: The Inquirer

MICROSOFT APPEARS to be making up its own rules regarding Windows updates once again as users report that they are being forced to download Windows 10 version 1803 (Spring Update) – even if they had set the option to defer […]

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Real-time AI gets closer with Project Brainwave

May 8, 2018

Via: InfoWorld

Microsoft has the Azure ML platform to develop machine learning applications in the cloud, and Windows ML lets you bring your models to desktop PCs and edge systems using the ONNX standard. Now it’s bringing machine learning to a new […]

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How to install a virtual machine in Windows 10

April 30, 2018

Via: PC Advisor latest

A virtual machine allows you to try out a new operating system or app risk-free. Here’s How to run a virtual machine on Windows 10. If you need to run more than one operating system on your Windows 10 PC […]