Windows open source is possible, Microsoft’s IE Diagnostics Adapter, and Appcelerator’s new API framework—SD Times news digest: April 3, 2015

As Microsoft starts to bring more products and tools to open source, the company has announced that Windows may be headed in the same direction. According to Wired, Mark Russinovich, an engineer at Microsoft, announced at ChefCon that the company might someday give Windows away for free.

“It’s definitely possible,” Russinovich said, according to Wired. “It’s a new Microsoft.”

He added that today’s software development world relies on open-source code, and Microsoft must support it as well.

Microsoft’s IE Diagnostics Adapter
Microsoft has also introduced the IE Diagnostics Adapter, which allows third-party tools to debug and analyze IE11 with Chrome’s remote debugging protocol.

“In the interest of making the modern Web ‘just work’ for everyone, today we’re announcing an open-source, experimental adapter for Internet Explorer that we’re developing to contribute to a wider and more diverse tooling ecosystem across browsers,” wrote Andy Sterland, program manager of client platform tools at Microsoft, in a blog post.

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